The following four organisations initiated the proposal to hold a session of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Turkey and the Kurds. The proposal was subsequently accepted by the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal.

The International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with consultative status to ECOSOC and UNESCO have participated in the struggles that have made the violation of human rights of groups and individuals and threats to international peace and security, legal issues under international law.

The IADL lawyers have made possible United Nations’ intervention in situations of massive and institutionalized human rights abuses beginning with UN action in the 1960’s regarding South Africa’s apartheid. Through their efforts IADL lawyers have helped to establish fundamental concepts of international and domestic law including the declaration of apartheid as a crime against humanity; the provision of prisoner of war status to combatants from liberation movements; prohibition of the use of unilateral force by one nation against another; the recognized legal right of peoples to self-determination; the recognized legal rights of women and children; and the almost universal public policy acceptance that there should be legal remedies for racial, religious, economic and cultural discrimination and persecution.

European Association of Lawyers for Democracy & World Human Rights (ELDH) was founded on 1 May 1993 in Paris, and is open to lawyers from all European countries; it is a non-profit progressive organization which presently unites lawyers in 18 European countries. ELDH activities focus are European anti-terror activities and their impact on human rights and civil liberties; the treaties of the European Union and their impact on democracy human rights and civil liberties, and peace; the migration policy of the European Union; the enforcement of the international law; social and economic rights in Europe, and the right to education;  labour law under the pressure of neo-liberal policies; the right to privacy, and right to information; human rights violations in the Basque Country, Colombia, Palestine, Turkey, Western Sahara; the right to self-determination of peoples, in particular the Basques, Kurds, Irish, Palestinians and the people of Western Sahara.

MAF-DAD, Association for Democracy and International Law is an organisation based in Germany, founded by members of the legal community in Turkey living in exile and that is concentrating on the advancement of the development of democratic structures in Turkey and the defence and promotion of civil liberties and human rights in that country.

The Kurdish Institute of Brussels is an NGO sponsored by the Belgian authorities and that promotes cultural rights of the Kurdish people.